Paul Rankin Translations

Ongoing work with Informatica El Corte Ingles, Kellog's, Whatsapp, Grooveshark, various S. American governments regarding military contracts, US Dept of Justice, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Various University articles, surveys, thesis etc.

Published translation for War Resistors International in their book entitled "Sowing Seeds, the Militarisation of Youth and How to Conter it."


His 12 years of language study has brought him into a freelance translating and interpreting career based in Tampa, Florida, offering services to both local and international clients. He is available to work with individual clients as well as agencies and corporations. Having always been a lover of foreign languages, this is his ideal profession.

Paul prides himself in his helpful and friendly manner, always aiming to improve in all aspects of life. 

Paul is also an active contributor to charity, offering his translation services to foreign organisations in need of reaching out to an English audience. 

In his spare time he enjoys reading, video games, exercising and playing his cello. He would love to join an orchestra again and play the piano.

Latest Projects

Paul Rankin is a graduate of Heriot-Watt Univeristy's School of Management and Languages. A year of his studies was at the prestigious ICADE business school in Madrid, at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. He then spent two further years in Madrid working in a bilingual school before setting up as a freelancer in Tampa, Florida. 

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